Your arguments in "Keep data pipelines simple" with "...the starting point being the original data..." directly conflicts with your position in "Why not to E".

Asking source system engineers to create an API for the data guys basically means asking them to do part of the transformation job. In my…

And Why a Database is not Enough


Companies and organizations are increasingly using existing data to generate additional values. Traditionally known as the task of business administration analysts, data analysis has become indispensable to organizations. Companies need efficient long-term data architectures to support them in the ongoing effort to stay…

How to Create Data Transformations

In this article, you will learn how to create data transformations in the cloud data platform Record Evolution. To transform data, you first need to have imported data into the platform. We have separate articles containing information on how to import files, import from web…

Record EvolutionSnowflakePanoply

This article provides a quick overview and feature comparison of three cloud data platforms: Snowflake, Panoply, and RecordEvolution.


The three platforms Snowflake, Panoply, and RecordEvolution are cloud services that allow you to ingest, process, store, and access data in a managed cloud infrastructure. Also, each…

A quick tour


  1. The File Import Architecture of Record Evolution
  2. Uploading Files in the Browser
  3. Load a File into a New Raw Table
  4. Load a File into an Existing Raw Table
  5. Automation

To import files, you first need to have an account and a Data Pod in the Record Evolution…

Image by Hike Shaw

This article provides a quick introduction on how to securely stream IoT data into the Record Evolution cloud data platform. To stream IoT data, you first need to have an account and a Data Pod in the platform. Sign up for a free Data Pod here.

  1. The IoT Messaging Setup

Marko Petzold

Phd in Mathematics and data lover. CEO of Record Evolution, the creators of REPODS.

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